Dental Laboratory Service

The Secret Sauce to Your Well-fitting Dentures

It’s the Backbone of Every Prosthodontic Works

The dental laboratory works are done to create a cast of the patient’s teeth, the gums and the palate. Based on these casts, the dentist prepares a wax mold that is sent to the dental laboratory for fabricating the necessary prosthodontic works that include the dental crowns, dental bridges, and fixed partial dentures.

Any dental clinic that offers prosthodontic services would have to work in close collaboration with a dental laboratory.
They have to be extra careful in choosing who they want to partner with.

Quality Dental Laboratory Works are Essential to Quality Prosthodontic Results.

We are a dental clinic that is combined with a dental laboratory where all our works are done
in-house to ensure top-quality results for all your prosthodontic needs.

Your Timely Manner of Finishing Results

Imagine having to come to the dentist only to find that the denture does not fit your mouth properly, and there is nothing you can do but to wait for it to be sent back to the lab for adjustments.

However, at our clinic, we don’t have to send the dental prosthesis back and forth. So we can make things quick for you because everything is in our own control. If you are on a tight schedule and just cannot spare too many visits to the dentist, you can get things done in very few visits.

Make adjustments to fit you best

Our dental laboratory works are guaranteed with over 5,000 cases completed in the past 20 years. We also provide customized abutments for your implants so you can make sure that everything will be just perfect.

Get things Done Faster to Suit Your
Tight Schedule

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